In October 1998, a need was recognised to establish an association for independently owned motor vehicle dealers. The challenge was to mobilise their collective energies to create a channel for addressing their needs.

These independent motor dealers wanted to establish and promote a more viable business environment for the motor industry, ensure that they were being heard and that cognizance was taken of issues that influence their business environment.

This resulted in the establishment of the Independent Dealer Association.

Since then, the IDA has grown and currently has more than eight hundred members. Furthermore, the IDA envisaged the dealers’ needs and founded companies, such as IDA Risk Management (FSP 28260) (to assist the dealers with their FAIS compliance), Advantage Motor Protector (a warranty company).

As a responsible corporate, we realise the importance of having a social dividends programme and therefore decided to form the IDA Care Foundation, an approved public benefit organisation (PBO).

The purpose of the Care Foundation is to fund initiatives focused on improving the lives of the less fortunate in South Africa and more specifically, abused women and children.

A percentage of revenues generated from products and services offered by our organisation is used to fund the Care Foundation. This is made possible through the support of all our dealer members.

During October 2013, we embarked on our national Road Show to celebrate the IDA’s 15th birthday. These celebrations were in the form of champagne breakfasts for our members. Here we shared our future vision, strategic projects and the unveiling of our new brand. Added to this, the IDA Care Foundation will hand over donations to various identified charities throughout the country.

These are exciting times for the Association, its Members and the Motor Industry. We look forward to an October month filled with celebrations.




Rustenburg Newspaper